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The Markets Meet The Military

SigInt (Signals Intelligence) is a combination of market know how and military precision. Developed by two defense technologists, ODDS SigInt seeks out and locks in on high value targets in the market, and with afterburners ignited, speeds in for killer profits.

The Story

When two aerospace professionals, each affiliated with a premier defense technology think-tank, came to a Profit Power Seminar by Don Fishback, they instantly knew they had discovered something incredible. The science behind Don Fishback's approach made perfect sense. They found it completely aligned with the methods they employ in pursuit of our nations's most vital technological advances. Our two defense colleagues went home and formulated a new approach to trading using in combination the knowledge they had aquired from the Profit Power Seminar and their own proven analytical processes. After tracking their success for nearly two years, Don Fishback and our rocket scientists partnered up to bring you ODDS SigInt and its big brother ODDS Precision Strike.

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ODDS SigInt Service

ODDS SigInt is an easy to use option trading service that offers traders the opportunity to capitalize on high-probability credit spreads. What is unique about the analysis behind each ODDS Precision Strike trade is that, not only does it take into consideration volatility and probability, the analysis also considers the technical performance of the stock, the earnings performance of the company, and the recent price trend of the stock relative to a specific trade break-even point.

ODDS SigInt will signal the best possible bullish and bearish trade recommendations of the day giving you everything you need to make an informed trading decision. Over a 2-year time frame, the ODDS SigInt method produced 188 trades. Best of all, nearly 92% of the trades were winners. Highly capitalized traders can trade all 188 trades. Or, you can trade as often as you like. ODDS SigInt provides plenty of winning opportunities to choose from. Some risking as little at $250 per spread. Because ODDS SigInt offers a vast selection of opportunities, we are able to offer it at a very attractive subscriber rate!